Thursday, December 20, 2012

More from the Census....

Statistics from last the census show that 45 per cent of the capital’s 8.2million population class themselves as white Britons. That compares with a figure of 58 per cent when the last census was compiled in 2001.

One of the key reasons for the change is a sharp increase in the number of foreign born people living in London. They now account for 37 per cent of the capital’s population, compared with only a quarter a decade earlier. The largest numbers of such residents come from India, who account for three per cent of the London population, followed by Poles, who make up two per cent. But there has also been a big increase in ethnic minority Britons with the numbers of black, Asian and mixed race Londoners born in this country all rising significantly.

Statisticians said the census figures showed that London was the most diverse part of the country and was leading the way as the number of ethnic minority and foreign born residents rose nationwide.

Other key statistics from the census show that London has:

•The best qualified population in the country.
•The lowest proportion of home owners and the highest proportion of people who rent.
•The lowest level of car ownership.
•The highest proportion of Muslims, Hindus, Jews and Buddhists.

Elsewhere on a lighter note....

From ugliest building to most depressing view, the Shit London Awards winners have been revealed (No8 'Gentrify This' and ‘Hackney Pool Too Wet to Swim' are my personal favourites!!))

Friday, December 14, 2012

No haven in Hackney: census 2011 reveals housing divide...

Interesting results from the 2011 census in regards to Hackney and London generally...

No haven in Hackney: census 2011 reveals housing divide - Data shows more people in England and Wales are renting, with London borough having lowest percentage of homeowners
Maev Kennedy
The Guardian, Tuesday 11 December 2012

Census gives insights into characteristics of London’s population

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Community Activist Training

Please see details of a free activist training course being run in London on Saturday the 2nd of February....

Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Hackney residents may interested in finding out more about Free2Learn.....

"We are a company based in London (Hackney, Kilburn, Barking and Luton) that offers free training for unemployed people as long as they are on benefits and 19+. We are based in Mare Street and also we are very keen on having our flyer on your Website.

Perhaps I need to provide you with a bit more of information regarding our activity. In case you decide to publish our flyer, here's the information that you will probably need.

We offer free courses:
-Retail Knowledge
-Customer Service
-Team Leading
-SIA Door Supervisor (we pay for the licence)
-SIA CCTV (paid licence)
-Security Close Protection

If people want to enrol with us, they just need to book an appointment through our website or by phone or they can just turn up at any of our branches at 10:30 or at 14:00 for an initial assessment. Courses start every Monday and the length of the course is 4 weeks. People who want to enrol would need to be on Job Seekers Allowance, Income Support or ESA and 19+, also they need permission to work in the UK."

Also, this is our website: