Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Latest leaflet

Hope not hate have published the 'Democracy day' leaflet below, which we hope to distribute at train and tube stations throughout Hackney on Tuesday June 2nd. We want to ensure our communities vote on June 4th and prevent the BNP gaining a European seat on the basis of a low turnout (they need just 8% of the total vote across London to win a seat).

If you can help, either in the morning, or early evening, please contact John Page: John.page45@btinternet.com

We still have a small number of the tabloid papers and several thousand of our 'Vote to keep the BNP' out leaflets available.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Leaflet for distribution in advance of polling day

We need help distributing the leaflets below door-to-door in advance of polling day on 4 June.

If you have access to a printer and can print off enough for your street, then please do. However, please let us know which street or block you are doing (so that we can avoid duplication). We also have some printed copies if you need them. Contact hackneyunites@btinternet.com.

Leaflet for Saturday 23

Below is the leaflet for our candi-dating event this Saturday 23 May.

Please encourage people to attend

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Hackney Hope not Hate tabloid (extracts)

Below are reproductions of three of the pages from the Hackney United/Hope not Hate tabloid. We have 50,000 of these to distribute across the borough in the run up to the 4 June European Elections. You can help us keep Hackney BNP free, and contribute to a wider discussion about the issues that matter to Hackney's communities. If you can distribute some of these in your street, or through your trade union branch, social club, community organisation or place of worship please let us know.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Campaign Meeting - Tuesday, 5 May

Next Tuesday, 5 May, as part of the Hackney community campaign to keep the BNP from wining a seat in the European Parliament, we take delivery of 50,000 tabloid newspapers produced in association with the national ‘Hope not Hate’ campaign.

The front page, and the centre pages are personalised to Hackney. We have the Dalston Peace Mural on the front, and a full page of diverse ‘Hackney voices’ urging people to work together as a community and to participate in the election so as to keep the BNP out.

We need your help getting these newspapers through people’s doors.

If you have not done anything for this campaign yet, now is the time to help us deliver these across the borough.

If you have already helped us, then please excuse us for asking again, but this is the last ‘big push’ before the June election.

We will be organising distribution at a campaign meeting on Tuesday at 7pm at the Trinity Centre Trinity Centre, Beechwood Road, E8 3DY. (for a map visit http://www.opendi.co.uk/london/1712427.html).

We will have a couple of speakers, but the main task on Tuesday will be to get people together to plan distribution on a ward-by-ward basis. If you have a car, there is free parking from 7pm, and it may be useful to bring a vehicle to transport the bundles of papers.

If you can attend, please let us know.

If you cannot attend, but want to help out, even if it is just by distributing the newspaper to one or two streets, then please email john.page45@btinternet.com.

Finally, if you can arrange for some of the papers to be distributed through your faith organisation, tenants or community group, political organisation or trade union then please let me know (thank you to Hackney Unison who are taking 3,000 to mail out to their entire membership).

We must get this simple message out to our communities. The EU elections are run on a proportional voting system. If the BNP get just 8% of the vote, they will win a seat in Europe representing London.

We can stop that by simply ensuring that everyone who opposes the BNP votes on June 4th.

Please invite friends, family and colleagues to help out.

What we have in Hackney is worth defending. With your help we can do it.