Sunday, May 3, 2009

Hackney Hope not Hate tabloid (extracts)

Below are reproductions of three of the pages from the Hackney United/Hope not Hate tabloid. We have 50,000 of these to distribute across the borough in the run up to the 4 June European Elections. You can help us keep Hackney BNP free, and contribute to a wider discussion about the issues that matter to Hackney's communities. If you can distribute some of these in your street, or through your trade union branch, social club, community organisation or place of worship please let us know.


Watford Boy said...

looks good. i wish you all the best with the campaign and would be actively involved if i were in the country at the moment.

Alice Fuller said...

I received my one in Finsbury Park the other day! Excellent idea which I think will really have the intended effect for many households flirting with the idea of voting BNP in June. Keep up the great work!

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