Thursday, November 18, 2010

Vigil for London’s Advice Services - Lobby of London Councils Grants Committee Meeting 25.11.2010

The Grants Committee of London Councils will be meeting on Thursday 25th
November to make its final recommendations to the Leaders Committee on
proposed cuts to the London Councils Grants Programme.

BAN (BME Advice Network) is co-ordinating a lobby of this meeting:

10.30am, Thursday 25th November 2010
Outside the London Council offices
591⁄2 Southwark Street
London SE1 0AL

BAN opposes cutting services funded by London Councils because:
• Vulnerable Londoner’s will be hit hardest and the impact of this has not
been fully considered
• The categorisation of services as local, sub-regional and pan-London is
• There is no guarantee repatriated funds will be ringfenced for the
voluntary sector
• The proposals are not cost-effective as many advice services are
significantly cheaper to provide on a pan-London basis

We are calling on London Councils to honour the grants it provides until
the end of the original contracts to allow organisations enough time to
find alternative funding for the future

All London Councils funded projects including staff, volunteers and
service users are invited to join us at this lobby to ensure the voice of
those affected is fully represented and heard by the decision makers.
Whilst many of us have taken part in the London Councils consultation,
there have been limited opportunities for us to show our unified
opposition to the proposed cuts and the manner in which the consultation
process has been conducted.

The lobby will also be handing in a petition, which can be signed at• BAN is a network of over 40 quality assured advice services delivered by
and for people from London’s BAMER migrant and refugee communities. More
details about BAN and why we oppose the cuts can be found at:

For queries about the BAN lobby, the liaison contact is Estelle du Boulay,
Newham Monitoring Project 020 8470 8333 /

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