Friday, December 3, 2010

Their Cuts – Not Ours

Their Cuts – Not Ours

Labour councillors in Hackney have launched a campaign against the government’s cuts to public services and funding.

They say the whole country has started to live in fear. Fear of losing our jobs, fear of losing our benefits, fear of losing our homes. Some already have lost their jobs.

Day after day there is some new assault on people by this government. Headlines in the newspapers, on the radio, internet and TV keep blaring out the web of misery being spun by this government.

No-one feels safe any more. Far from obtaining some ‘Churchillian’ feeling of a ‘we will fight them on the beaches’ mood, this government has reduced people to feelings of helplessness, of victims of bullying. Frightened of the future. Fearing they have no real future except the dole queue and poverty.

Someone has to stand up to these economic bullies. Someone has to say enough is enough. This is our country for all the people regardless of race, creed or politics.

Not the place of the divine right to rule by out-of-touch millionaires like Cameron and Clegg, supported by media billionaires now running our media and supporting the Tory Party.

This is the place where we live and belong together using a democratic way of finding solutions together to our common problems.

We say: It’s their cuts – not ours. This is not the way to do things. They
are using ideological cuts, not based

on financial reasons, aimed at the poor and vulnerable in our communities.

They need to stop what they are doing and start listening to reason. To start seeing they have no mandate for this, to start talking to those on the ground locally and put an end to such damaging decisions.

Cllrs Linda Kelly, Deniz Oguzkanli,
Ian Rathbone, Patrick Vernon and
other Labour councillors

• If you want to know more about this growing campaign against the cuts, call 07890 654 068 or email


Printed by Ian Rathbone of 31 Stevens Ave, London E9 6RX, Promoted by Luke Akehurst of Flat 1, Button Court, 177 Victorian Grove, London, N16 8GL on behalf of Leabridge Ward Labour Party of 26 Wattisfield Rd, E5 9QH.

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