Monday, March 28, 2011

Hackney Women’s Forum have launched a project to help women survivors of violence tell their stories.

We are looking for inspirational stories that may involve terror but also involve themes of strength and survival.

From women who have escaped domestic violence, to women that have escaped trafficking or stalking. Stories from survivors of rape and incest to those affected by sexual violence or female genital mutilation. There are many forms of violence against women and we want to help women tell their life stories.   
So if you are a woman willing to share your story – or you know a woman that may want to, then please get in touch.  

Through interviews, poetry, women’s essays, memoirs and other written forms, we want to tell women’s stories of survival. 

Through publishing a book and establishing a web-site we want to get those stories out there to serve as inspiration to other women. We also hope this project will help affect policy in Hackney and ensure that the necessary resources for women affected by domestic violence and other forms of violence against women are made available.


We are also looking for illustrators, photographers, designers, editors and other creatives to volunteer their time to this project so if you are interested then please get in touch.

If you can help us with this project or would like more information then please email: or call: 07956 546110   

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