Friday, March 30, 2012

Launch event for HOPE not hate‏

Can you do five simple things to stop the BNP winning a seat on the Greater London Authority?

  • Send a photo to be part of our poster campaign which celebrates Hackney's diverse communities
  • Attend the launch event of the London HOPE not hate campaign on Tuesday 10 April at the Dalston Eastern Curve Garden (from 10.30am, followed by an hour of delivering anti-BNP literature)
  • Volunteer to distribute our tabloid paper, either by taking some to distribute in your street, or through your community contacts, or by joining us either on 10th April (see above) or for a mass distribution on Saturday 14 April (details to be confirmed)
  • Attend our ‘hustings’ meeting on 29 April (where members of the community put their questions to candidates for the local GLA seat)
  • Publicise any or all of the above through your community networks, on facebook etc.
This is an email asking for your active support to prevent the British National Party (BNP) from winning a seat on the Greater London Authority. With the elections just weeks away, Hackney Unites is working closely with the national HOPE not hate campaign to ensure we mobilise our communities to vote and thereby help keep the BNP off of the GLA. This racist, Islamophobic, anti-Semitic, homophobic and anti-women party (to name just a few of their faults) need just 5% of the votes to get elected.

To beat them we need 19 votes to every one they get. They won’t get many votes here in Hackney, but the question is will our communities come out to vote?

What we do over the coming weeks will be decisive. You can help in the following ways:

Our Hackney not theirs
As part of our plans for the forthcoming local and London elections, Hackney Unites and the HOPE not hate campaign are planning to produce a giant poster to reflect the differences in values between our Hackney and that of the BNP – Help us proudly show that we stand together against bigotry and hatred. Please upload your image and be part of the picture.

Our local poster will contrast our positive vision of Hackney where people live and work together with that of the racist BNP - a party of hatred, division and fear.

Join us for the London wide launch of HOPE not hate’s 2012 campaign.
On Tuesday 10 April at 10.30am in the Dalston Eastern Curve Garden ( Hackney Unites will be hosting the London launch of HOPE not hate’s 2012 election campaign. There will be a number of celebrities (details to follow) a mobile billboard that will tour the borough. We want representatives of every section of our community at this event. We particularly want community leaders: business, political, faith, trade union, cultural, tenants, in short we want opinion formers to show that in Hackney we are all united against the BNP and we are determined to mobilise our diverse communities to get the vote out.
Please come along and once the launch is over, you can join us for an hour as we distribute the campaigning newspaper through doors in the Dalston area.

Tabloid newspaper
We have worked with HOPE not hate to produce a special edition of our community newspaper ahead of the elections (see a preview here: .

While the paper is unashamedly anti-BNP, it is also pro our community, and seeks to show what we can do when we work together. It also publicises our hustings meeting where we will have four candidates for the local constituency seat answer questions from our communities. You can help us mobilise a massive anti-BNP vote in Hackney by distributing it down your street, or through community groups or organisations that you are a part of. If you can help please register on-line: or  reply to this email.

We are also organising a mass distribution on Saturday 14th April from 10am to 4pm. The exact details are still being finalised, but we will try to delivery a paper to every home in parts of the borough that have not already been covered) reply to this email to be signed up to help.

Hustings meeting
Of course at a time like this we are very concerned to keep the BNP out of city hall. However, in Hackney for a number of years we have also been concerned about holding local politicians to account. People who stand for office in Hackney should feel accountable to our communities.

That is why we have organised a Hustings meeting at the wonderful Arcola Theatre on Sunday 29 April. We have the four leading candidates standing in the local constituency (London North East), and it is our intention to put them on the spot, to provide an opportunity for members of our communities to question them and then decide how they wish to vote.

The meeting is being called: ‘They want our votes: we want answers.’ The Conservative, Green, Labour and Liberal Democrat candidates will be there. One thing we guarantee, it will not be boring!

To help us estimate number please pre-register, and encourage others to do so by visiting the following website:

Please forward this email on to everyone and anyone within our communities in Hackney who you think may wish to support this initiative.

Hackney Unites is a coalition for social justice, if you are not already on our mailing list, you can sign up on-line (  to receive regular updates.

Many thanks

John Page

Hackney Unites

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