Saturday, October 5, 2013

Interested in our Community Organising programme?

Next Wednesday, 9 October, Hackney Unites is holding an informal meeting 
for people interested in our community organising training programme.
The training is aimed at people who are socially committed, and who want 
to bring our communities together to effect positive change. Whether 
your objective is getting a safer school crossing, or tackling bad 
landlords, the training will equip you with skills and knowledge that 
can increase the potential for your hard work to reap positive results.
We don't have a blueprint, and we won't tell you how to run your 
campaigns, but we will explore concepts that have helped other 
campaigners, many of them developed during the American Civil Rights 
The meeting which starts at 6.30pm and will be over by 8pm, will be in 
the basement of Cafe Olive, 18 Stoke Newington High Street, London N16 
7PL (opposite the police station)
The course is modular and can be delivered in multiple ways: either as a 
series of workshops over a few weeks, or a couple of full days.
Topics that we can cover include:
* 'power mapping' (who has power in our community, are they for
us/against us/neutral and how do we shift the power),
* building power through building trust,
* developing a public narrative (the story of who we are, and what we
believe in)
* strategy and tactics (and why the difference is important)
* running a successful meeting,
* developing a communications strategy,
* organising for diversity
* 'growing our own leaders'
What we would like to do next Wednesday is agree between those people 
who are interested in attending what format they would like. We would 
also like to establish what the key areas are that you would like us to 
Finally, we need to explore where and when to deliver the courses.
It is our hope that we can then begin the course delivery within two weeks.
If you are planning to join us, please reply to this email and let us 
know you will be joining us next Wednesday.
Please feel free to invite others who you think would be interested.
Looking forward to working with you.
John Page

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