Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Help needed with tabloid distribution

With just over three weeks to go before the 5 June Celebrate Hackney event, we are eagerly awaiting the return of our 8 page tabloid newspaper which we hope to distribute to 50,000 homes in the borough (see front page on the right).

The event has speakers from 50 different groups, including Roland Muldoon from the Hackney Empire, and Cellia Stubbs from the Blair Peach Campaign. We have trade unionists, community activists and faith groups. We have children's activities from professional party organisers, 'Birthday Dreams', massage, a question time of local politicians, a choir from the Pedro Club, our own Hackney film festival, plus food from Cafe z, Lillys, Yum Yum and Vegan Peasant.

It is going to be a fantastic event, however we need your help to publicise it. Will you take a couple of hundred of these papers and distribute them to the neighbours in your street or block?

If you can help, please drop an email to info@hackneyunites.org.uk, tell us where you live and where you can post these papers.

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