Thursday, May 27, 2010

Unfinished Histories: Recording the History of the Alternative Theatre Movement

The alternative theatre movement grew up primarily between 1968 and 1988 and saw a huge upsurge of theatre that sought out new audiences, experimented with new forms, artistically and organisationally, and began to represent the experiences of many groups marginalised in mainstream theatre. It saw the start of most of the first women's, Black and Asian, gay and lesbian, Disabled and community theatre companies and an upsurge in politicak, new writing, physical and visual and Theatre-in-Education work. Over 700 companies were formed from Cunning Stunts to Lumiere and Son to Black Theatre Co-op to Belt and Braces.
Unfinished Histories is a project that seeks to record oral history interviews with individuals, document the movement and ensure that archives are preserved. The project has a special releveance to Hackney, given the long-standing history of the borough as a home for artists and a home of dissent.
If you are interested in the project and would like to know more or get involved, come along to Celebrate Hackney or see our web site at
Susan Croft (Hackney-based Co-Director, Unfinished Histories)

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