Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A message from Hope not Hate

All research shows that women are much less likely to vote for the BNP than men, with some studies indicating by as much as two to one. That is why we are focusing on encouraging women to vote in next month's elections.
Last weekend hundreds of HOPE not hate supporters were out delivering newspapers and leaflets into our key wards. Since the beginning of the year we have distributed over 500,000 pieces of literature in the wards the BNP hope to win. Now, with help from Unison and the Daily Mirror, we are about to become more targeted.
We have produced a leaflet aimed at encouraging women to turn out and vote next month but we need to raise the money to get it printed and distributed. The public sector union Unison are willing to match-fund any money we raise from our supporters.
Our women's leaflets can make the difference between the BNP winning and losing a seat. The more women we can encourage the vote the harder it will be for the BNP to win. The more money we raise the more leaflets we can produce and the more council wards we can cover.
Last year Nick Griffin, speaking on BNP TV, acknowledged that our women's leaflet was the most effective single piece of anti-BNP literature distributed in Barking and Dagenham. It made the difference last year and it can again this year. We have identified 35 key wards where we need to stop the BNP.
Can you help us get the leaflet into the hands of women voters in these wards?
For every pound you donate Unison will match it so your donation will be worth double.
By getting women to vote we can stop the BNP winning crucial council seats in this year's elections and put another nail into Nick Griffin's political future.
Nick Lowles

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