Monday, April 18, 2011

Wanted: essays, videos and pics of CLR James for our legacy project

Many thanks to all those that have contacted us offering support for our CLR James legacy project – the response has been overwhelming. We have emailed many of you directly in response to your contact and will endeavour to keep everyone informed of the next steps for the project.

We currently have a web-designer working on a web-site for the project and also a trainee teacher on placement who will help with the teaching resource.

What we need from you:  

-         Essays, reviews or other articles We want to incorporate as wide a breadth of material on CLR James and his works as possible. So if you have access to anything we could publish then please send over to us.
-         Video reminisces – what did CLR James mean to you? How has his work influenced your work or thinking? Why not send in a short video telling us? We want to feature a whole number of people talking about what CLR meant to them. So, why not use your laptop or other video recording device and film yourself or colleagues talking about what CLR meant to you.    
-         Images – Do you have photos or other images that we could use on the web-site? Either of CLR himself or of something that illustrates what he stood for. If you have anything that we can use – and you own the copyright then please let us know.
-         Expertise – CLR James thought and activity covered so many areas that our small team can’t address it all. Do you have expertise in a particular area?  What can you contribute to the project that we haven’t thought about? All ideas gratefully received.

Teacher’s Pack/Resource meeting - Sunday 22 May  
-         To assist in the planning of the teaching resource we are holding a meeting of teachers and other interested parties to shape the resource in the most effective way possible. The meeting will be in Hackney at 2pm on Sunday 22 May and will be facilitated by Educational Consultant Mike Vance. Please email us if you would like to attend and share ideas. We will give full venue details by return email. Email:   

Academics wanted to help with conference paper and session
We have been invited to participate in the conference Rethinking the Modern - and are looking for academics that would assist in preparing a paper and session on CLR James and his legacy. The conference takes place in July but anyone interested should register their interest or send us a short abstract as soon as possible.  

Once again thanks to everyone who has expressed an interest in being involved. Together we can not only keep CLR James’ legacy alive but also inspire a whole new generation.  

Andrea Enisuoh on behalf of BEMA & Hackney Unites

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