Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Hackney Unites needs you...

This post informs you of the latest news regarding:
  • our unemployed workers conference which is taking place on Thursday 28 June. We need your help to publicise this and to help make it a success.
  • A Stokey Local meeting on Tuesday 12 June
  • A meeting of our Private Sector Tenants forum on 17 June.
  • Finally we announce the date for our community conference: Saturday 22 September.
Hackney Unites Unemployed Workers Groupare organising a conference for unemployed people on Thursday 28th June 2012 at the Carers Centre in Dalston. The event will include:
  • the screening of the winning entries from a short film competition about unemployment,
  • a session for unemployed people who are over 50,
  • a session on stop and search
  • a discussion about the welfare to work and
  • future campaigning on issues affects unemployed  people in Hackney.
The groups needs help with the following areas to help make the conference a success.
  • If you have skills in promotion and marketing we need help promote the film competition.
  • If you have a spare hour or two we need your help to distribute flyers advertising the conference in local shops, doctors’ surgeries, bookies, cafeteria libraries, job centres etc.
  • Finally we need somebody who can give up some time to phone local voluntary organisations that we have identified as potential stall holders for the conference.
If you are able to help with any of the above please contact Andrea at

Stokey Local meeting 12 June
Sainsbury are back with plans for a superstore in Wilmer Place. Residents are concerned at the sheer scale of the development, its impact on Abney Park Cemetery and the damage it will do to independent traders in Church Street and the High Street. The community group Stokey Local are calling a meeting on Tuesday 12 June at the Old Fire Station Lewsin Road. If you intend to attend, then please register:

Private Sector Tenants forum 17 June
The next meeting for the private tenants project is scheduled for Sunday 17th June, (venue to be confirmed). If you are a private sector tenant in Hackney and want to develop an understanding of your rights and how to assert them, why not get involved. More details from Heather:

Saturday 22 September: Put the date in your diary!

Hackney Unites’ long awaited second community conference is now scheduled for the afternoon of Saturday 22 September. Please put the date in your diary. There will be a particular theme on community development through formal and informal education and training. We will be launching a scheme with a trade union partner on seeking to persuade local employers to recruit and train local people. We will also be delivering training on community organising, and exploring what issues such as migration, education and unemployment mean for our communities. It will be an organising conference with the aspiration that at the end of the sessions we come away with a clear set of objectives and plans for the months ahead. If you want to be part of shaping the contents, then please complete an on-line survey here:

Help us spread the word
Please help us publicise the above events by forwarding this email onto people you know in Hackney who would be interested in the issues. Can you post a link to this email on facebook, or twitter? Better still, spread the word by word of mouth, tell a friend and encourage them to get involved.

Hackney Unites is a coalition for social justice, if you are not already on our mailing list, you can sign up on-line (  to receive regular updates.

You can also follow us on twitter and join us on facebook.

Many thanks

John Page

Hackney Unites

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