Monday, June 11, 2012

A request for help from an unemployed activist...

To Supporters and Members of Hackney Unites

My name is David Walter and I am working with Andrea and Gee as part of the Hackney Unites Unemployed Workers Project (HUUWP) that is building up for The Express Yourself Conference on the Thursday 28th June 20102 12pm-4pm.

The reason why I’m writing to you is that we really need your help in spreading the word about the Conference to as many communities in Hackney as possible through word of mouth, Posters and Leafleting, especially to young unemployed people and people in their over-50s who are struggling with redundancy or long term under or unemployment .

This will be our second Conference and we want to make this the best Conference yet. Last year’s event was a success, therefore your support and assistance again will be greatly appreciated. Your time and effort is of real value to us for the future and integrity of The Express yourself Conference 2012.

We will be making a final poster long before the actual day, so we can make as many people as aware as possible. the poster will emphasize aspects of the event like Film competitions, Stop and Search & Know your rights, Films, Unemployment and the over 50s, Poetry and The Work Programme.

We are also in the process of designing a leaflet that we want to distribute to attendees at the event to promote our Skills Directory Website. We are currently developing the Website and we are hoping many will sign up to it at the Conference and afterwards.

We want some members of Hackney Unites to attend the Conference and help distribute them to as many people as possible so we can get people to download their C.V.s, Portfolios or create their Skills and Employment Profiles in order to build up this new Website and therefore provide a network base for prospective employers, employees and self- employed people.

We meet every Friday 12pm - 2pm to plan and contact Voluntary, Community Organisations and others and ask them to attend the conference to give support and provide a network for unemployed and under employed people in Hackney. This is an ongoing Project and we need as much support and assistance as possible. I f you have any time on the Friday or during the week it will be most welcome.

Please get in contact as soon as you can with me David (  Andrea ( or Gee ( as your time and effort will make the event, The Express Yourself Conference a valuable tool for the under-employed and unemployed People of Hackney

Thank you very much for your time.

Kind Regards

David Walter (Hackney Unites Unemployed Workers Project) 

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