Monday, January 7, 2013

Haggerston Pool Campaign - new ideas needed

Haggerston Pool Campaign is having a stall at Broadway Market throughout January - we are looking for people with new ideas for the pool re-opening.
If you dont know it, Haggerston Pool is the 1900s building on Whiston Road near the corner of Queensbridge Road, with the viking boat weather vane - it was closed in 2000 for Health and Safety reasons.
Hackney Council, who own the building, have drawn up a feasibility study for the pool as part of a healthy living centre, but these plans have been hit by the recession and cuts in local government funding, and the council has mothballed the pool to protect the building.
We dont believe that the council will be able to re-open the pool in the foreseeable future - if ever.
It is a huge building with a lot of potential alongside the pool, as well as being a listed building and a landmark in Haggerston.
If you are in the Broadway Market area in the next few weeks, please come along and talk to us, we are keen to hear from any local residents with an interest in the building.
We are planning to have an IDEAS MEETING in March - I will advertise it here once we have a date, but if you would like to be notified, please let me have your email address..
Best wishes,
Liz Hughes
Haggeston Pool Campaign

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