Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Holocaust Memorial event on Wednesday 30

Hackney residents may be interested in a Holocaust Memorial event being held on Wednesday 30th of January in Hackney at the Human Rights Action Centre in Shoreditch (see attached leaflet )

Key speakers include Mala Tribich , who survived the hell of Bergen Belsen concentration camp, Rabbi Bernd Koschland who found refuge in the UK as a child (Kinder transport) and Sandor Szoke organiser of antifascist resistance in Hungary and vice president of the Roma Civil Rights Movement.

Holocaust Memorial Day
Weds 30
th January 2013, 6.30-9.30pm

Holocaust and Genocide ~ Never Again!

Do as I do, light a candle for them and do not forget to remember them. If they are
forgotten they die again. You can make sure that such a catastrophe never recurs. You
are their future - you are the future!”
Joseph Perl, Holocaust Survivor

Live Music by the London Klezmer Quartet

Mala Tribich Holocaust Survivor; Rabbi Bernd Koschland;
Sandor Szoke
Hungarian Anti Fascist Movement, Roma Civil Rights
Movement, and son of Holocaust survivors
; David Rosenberg author of
“The Battle of the East End”
; Dan Jones Amnesty International;
Natasha Munoz; Father Steven Saxby; Weyman Bennett
Secretary of Unite Against Fascism

Amnesty International,
Human Rights Action Centre
17-25 New Inn Yard,
off Great Eastern Street,
London EC2A 3EA
Old St or Liverpool St
£3 / £2 to cover costsRefreshments available

Contact: Ulrike Schmidt 07984 729321

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