Thursday, April 19, 2012

Let's get the Hackney vote out‏

HOPE Not Hate
Dear Supporter,

With the Greater London Assembly election little more than three weeks away, we are mobilising across London to get the anti-BNP vote out.

To keep the BNP off the Greater London Assembly, we need 19 anti-BNP votes for every one they receive.

In Hackney the BNP do not get many votes, but the problem historically there has been a low turnout. We are working closely with the community organisation Hackney Unites to get the vote out and there are two ways in which you can help.

We are half way through delivering 40,000 copies of the HOPE not hate/Hackney Unites tabloid newspaper, already 100 local people have been involved in distribution, but there are still plenty more to deliver.

If you can take some, to distribute in your street, or through local community outlets (shops, cafes, hairdressers, community centres, places of worship, workplaces, etc. then please sign up at

Holding politicians to account

Of course it is not good enough to just say ‘vote for anyone, but the BNP’, we need to re-engage our communities with the political process. That is why, in Hackney we are working with Hackney Unites to stage a ‘hustings’ meeting where the leading candidates for the local GLA constituency will be asked questions from the public about their policies. If enough people turn out, then we hope that whoever gets elected they will feel obliged to respond to the local communities’ concerns.

The event is at the Arcola Theatre on Ashwin Street, from 7pm to 9pm on Sunday 29 April. You can help us make this event a success, by registering to attend, ( and by promoting it via your networks and on facebook, and twitter etc.

Hackney has its problems, but it is a multi-cultural success story. By bringing people together, both against the BNP, but also for the communities of Hackney, we can show that we genuinely have the ‘vision of HOPE’ that can defeat the politics of hatred.


John Page

To follow the HOPE not hate campaign, visit

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