Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Will you give an hour for Hackney?‏

HOPE Not Hate
Our Target is to distribute 50,000 copies of the newspaper before Sunday 29 AprilDear Supporter,
With the election on 3 May we have an opportunity to put an additional nail in the BNP's coffin. Four years ago their candidate won a seat on the Greater London Authority because in the proportional representation system of voting they need just 5% of votes cast to 'win'.
Four years ago the BNP were riding high and believed they were on the brink of breaking into mainstream politics. A lot has changed in four years but the BNP believe they can retain the GLA seat and are throwing all their efforts into achieving this. We know exactly what we must do to stop them. We need to get decent people across London to vote for other parties.
That's why I am asking for your help.
HOPE not hate has teamed up with local community group Hackney Unites, to produce a tabloid community newspaper. It is anti-BNP, demands that local politicians make themselves accountable to the community they serve and it promotes a vision of Hackney where communities co-operate. It challenges the BNP and addresses the issues of alienation and political disengagement which the BNP so cynically exploit.
The front page publicises a hustings meeting where the community can put questions directly to the four leading candidates in the London North East constituency. This hustings will take place on Sunday 29 April at 7pm at the Arcola Theatre.
Our Target is to distribute 50,000 copies of the newspaper before that meeting.
We already have pledges to distribute nearly 30,000 copies door-to-door across the borough, but we need an additional 100 supporters from Hackney to dedicate one hour to distribute 200 copies each (or more if you have the time).
Will you take one hour to help distribute these papers?
If you can help then sign up here:
or send an email to:
The papers can be distributed door-to-door (we will allocate you a street or two near where you live) and they can also be distributed through community outlets, such as shops and workplaces. In fact anywhere where people gather. We are also planning a mass distribution on Saturday 14 April (details to follow).
None of us want to wake up on the 4 May to hear that on a low turnout the BNP have retained a seat on the GLA. That's why we are asking you to give one hour of your time to ensure we mobilise a massive anti-BNP vote in Hackney.
Hackney has a vibrant, multicultural society. Let’s stop the racist BNP from getting elected.
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